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Rose the Bear

Rose The Red Bear - 40cm

Rose The Red Bear - 40cm

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introducing Red Rose Bears, a unique and modern twist on traditional gifting. Impress your loved ones with these handmade teddy bears, made with over 500 synthetic roses of the finest quality. Perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, bridal showers, Valentine's Day or just because.

Each Red Rose Bear comes with a complimentary signature greeting card, and as they are made of Styrofoam and synthetic roses, they will last a lifetime with little maintenance needed. Say goodbye to ordinary flowers and bring a smile to someone's face with a Red Rose Teddy Bear. Please note that our Red Rose Bears are Styrofoam bears covered with synthetic roses and NOT real roses. As such these custom-crafted rose teddy bears will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required.


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